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Rescue Success Stories

Adopting a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier can be a wonderful experience. Please read our rescue success stories!


Cosmos turned 5 today! It was a small party. I took the beads out of the platypus beanie baby and replaced them with a squeaker and crinkly plastic. I made Ty’s favorite cake-pineapple [...]


Just got groomed. His groomer uses special products on him (he gets a blueberry facial I heard). I prefer his tail without fringe. He’s so smart. Really love him. Carolyn [...]


Just a quick update here from NY to let you know that Bodhi (formerly Bearney) is doing GREAT! We had our first (formal) training session with our trainer (Elizabeth LaJeunesse from Dog Logic) [...]


Happy Gotcha’ Day Pearl! Pearl was rescued and transported one year ago, just prior to Covid lockdowns. We anticipated she would stay in her foster just to get spayed and healthy before moving [...]


Nola is doing well. We love her so much. We have a secure leather collar on her which she can not slip. She really walks ok on leash and loves long walks. She [...]


Jackson has been with us for exactly 2 months today. He's 100% a full fledged member of the household. Everyone that comes to our house is smitten with him. He's obedient, gentle, and [...]

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